Working on my shortfilm

Hi my beautiful friends,

I’m on my mission to finalize this short film which shines light on homelessness. It is my aim to raise awareness for important social issues. Right now I’m working on the website, so I can put it as a marketing tool for withoutabox. It feels good to share this with you, since it gives me the feeling that I’m actually doing something. I always feel as if I’m not doing enough. I woke up 7.50 am in the morning and then at 8.30 am, I went to Runyon Canyon. It was beautiful up there, I could clear out my thoughts and knew that I am on the right path.

Sometimes, no actually often, negative voices come in to my mind and say: ‘I’m wrong’. I always think I’m wrong and everybody else is right and I often get easily persuaded, even though my initial choices are the RIGHT choices. As of now, I only have people in my mind who are dear to me and actually care about my well being. My parents and my sister. Of course I’ve got some friends, but my parents and my sister have been with me my whole life, through good and bad times. They have accepted my flaws. So far I haven’t met someone besides them who can accept my flaw. I always accept the other ones flaws, mistakes. I guess as of now I have to draw a line. Respect is very important. So far through my actions I have stuck to my principles. Yes, I was persuaded and I almost lost everything, at least that’s what I thought. However, God is very kind and gave me another chance, to live my dream, focus on it and let go. I am single, to the world very happy. I really push myself to be happy now, think happy thoughts. I do have everything, I’ve always wanted, a loving family, sister, living my dream in Los Angeles.

Anyway, I’m going to continue with developing the website for my short film. I hope it will be entered in several filmfestivals. Let’s hope and pray for that. That would be beautiful and I would be able to forgive myself for making some wrong choices. Which was only harmful for me. I really want to feel inner happiness and satisfaction, that I actually made the right choice of coming here to Los Angeles and following my dream as an actress.


Love you all.




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