Good evening my beautiful friends,

The past few weeks, I didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, I was determined to keep moving forward. All the days felt the same to me, yet I prayed to God for gratitude and appreciation. Within me a voice said that I have to continue with what I was doing and trust God. Trust that God has great, beautiful things planned, for those who follow the right path.

My intuition told me to trust that the path, I am walking on right now, will lead me to the ultimate satisfaction. And it did. It did! Praise the lord. My birthday is at the end of this month and my parents came to visit me in LA. It was a complete surprise and they are here for a month. We are going to celebrate my birthday in Las Vegas. I really kept this beautiful desire in my heart, a wish that I could celebrate my birthday with my parents. Good parents are the greatest gift from God. I’ve got my family, my mom, dad and my sister. They’re all here with me right now.

I hope this gives me the incentive, to continue following my dreams.

Not listening to anybody, only listen to your intuition. My intuition knows and tells me exactly what is good or bad for me. I have to trust my intuition. Whenever I followed my intuition, it was always right. It brings me joy and ultimate satisfaction. It brings me closer to myself, to God. That’s all I could ask for.


God bless you, happy Sunday and wish you lots of love!


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