Good morning my beautiful friends,

This magnificent, surprising and unexpected trip has made me again ambitious. It has shown me top of the world moments, things that I can achieve also through my profession. It has shown me that being humble is the key. You don’t have to be a bitch to be successful. Successful people, wealthy people are always looking for something new. They are kind, friendly and above all more giving.

It’s beautiful to be a week out of the hectic, out of Hollywood, getting energized and activating my ambition again. Know how to enjoy. Feeling peaceful, having fun, complete fun, not being on the internet for a week has made me very happy and content. Actually I was and am very happy and content. I’ve got some things on my mind that I would like to do. Think progressively, innovate and creative.

It takes work to look good, it takes work to be good. Making yourself happy requires effort. The environment I was in, kept me in the present moment. No internet, meaning no twitter or instagram, meaning not watching what other people are doing. It’s great, in this way you’re focusing more on yourself. It’s okay to check it out once a week, but preferably, once in two weeks.

This trip also makes me want to wear nice clothes, it makes me feel good about myself. It’s all about the action. And do take lots of pictures, it’s okay to put it on instagram, as long as it is with the right intention. It’s good to share but after that let everything go.

I had a room on the top floor at Wynn Las Vegas, it was beautiful and I felt very blessed and fortunate. I still feel that way. My 25th birthday was very memorable. All is well. It always is and always has been. The challenge is to maintain it, mentally.

God bless you all and stay close to yourself.


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