Good morning my beautiful friends,

After 3 weeks of a wonderful holiday, filled with joyful moments, I will go back to work starting today. My parents were here for 3 weeks and now I miss them a lot. Especially my mom, I miss her the most. Her warmth, her strength, her perfume, her love. I miss her tremendously. Exactly 3 years ago, I left Europe to follow my dream in Los Angeles. I didn’t shed a tear. 2 years ago, my mom visited us here in LA and when she left, again I didn’t shed a tear. I was quite relieved. However, now things have changed. Yesterday, my parents went back to Europe and this time, for the first time I cried that my mom had to go back, as it was just a holiday. This holiday was amazing though. I miss my mom a lot. After I’ve written this post, I will call my mom and tell her how much I miss her.

For quite some time I was living in a routine and suddenly, miraculously my parents appeared in front of me. They gave us 3 weeks of joy, laughter, memories, ambition and warmth. A beautiful and amazing surprise.

I work every day towards my goal and for a long period of time, without results. However, I didn’t stop, I kept going, even though I didn’t feel it. I had no idea actually why I was doing this. For what reason.

Now I know. God will give, you keep going, you practice, you do your best and you let go. God will give. Trust. My parents keep me going. I love them.

After rain comes sunshine. It’s worth it. God has given me a beautiful gift.

Stay blessed and enjoy this Saturday.


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