Hi my beautiful munchkins!

Hope you’re doing well. I’m going to an audition in an hour. I have to say that every time I take a step into my career, I get more faith and more trust. It’s basic probability, one day I will get it. I leave the when to the universe. Also, I have let go of people who were poisonous in my life. This was exactly 3 months ago. The day I started to blog, I let that person go. Oh my god, I feel so good. I had no idea that especially letting that one person go, would open up my life. Sometimes we really want to be with that person and be friends with that person, but unfortunately that person keeps bringing you down. I don’t deserve that. And that person is gone, out of my life. I feel great! Especially, after wanting to give up on life, it’s very rewarding to feel hope and be ambitious again. I always wanted to feel this way and I thought that when I have that person, I would feel abundant. Well, now I do, WITHOUT that person.

I am single and I am happy about it, since I don’t worship any other person other than myself. I trust God and He will always be with me, that’s what I know for sure. For 3 years I could’t let go of that person, I was afraid that if I let go, I would be alone and I have to deal with myself. Being with that person, talking with that person, has made me miserable, ALWAYS. There was never a moment that I felt abundant. There is nothing worse than being with a person and feeling alone all the time. Now, I might be ‘single’, but I have GOD, a wonderful family, sister, loving people around me and you!

I keep following my dream, whether that’s alone or with someone, we’ll see, but for now I like this journey. I had no idea that literally removing that person from my life, would bring me back my inner peace and happiness. I am facing myself, trying to love myself and you know what, it’s getting easier and easier. It’s a big step of getting closer to myself.

Take the courage to follow your own heart and intuition, it’s worth it. Embrace yourself, you deserve it!

Much love


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