learn by making mistakes

Hi Dear ones,

Wow, so far, these past few hours has been such a waste of my time! This audition was clearly a well thought out plan to lure us in, so that we basically pay to get income. Well, they got the wrong person, since I have become very critical and don’t jump just to get some ‘credit’. Deep inside of me I knew that it would be something like this, but I did it anyway, to perhaps get some clues of what to do next. And yes, it’s obviously not taking another improv class, in order to enhance my improv skills. But to work on it myself, master it myself and book it all by myself.

I’m sharing this with you, because even though I knew I didn’t want to be part of the project, I had to get the confirmation that I am making the right choices. And because I made a ‘mistake’ or ‘wasted my time’, I now definitely know that what I have in mind, has to be executed and it’s definitely not waiting for someone to tell me what to do. You can only learn through mistakes. Yes, I did waste time, but actually if I look closer, I gained time and money. I won’t go through a loop. In life I’ve always taken initiative and produced my own stuff, learned quite a lot by myself and achieved a lot, since started doing it myself. No one pushed me, I pushed myself.

No worries, it’s better to ‘waste time’ for a while and realizing it quickly, than not being aware and going into a vicious circle. As we all know, to get something, we have to do it ourselves.

Get the clues and go for it.

Cheers and happy Saturday!


One thought on “learn by making mistakes

  1. Thanks for sharing this experience. I guess we all learn from our mistakes hoping that we do not commit the same mistake again. Of course if you don’t learn from your mistake than you’ll be going around in circles and repeating your past but maybe in a different situation. So, it’s best to understand the reason and know tomorrow you can do something different to make the time worthwhile.

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