Take the steps

Good morning people!

It’s 8 am and I have just done some of my usual stretching morning exercises, really it just took me 5 min. Since Wednesday, I’ve been doing the Hot Power Fusion Yoga, at 7pm. It keeps me fit and it gives positive signals to my brain. Yesterday I also had a conference meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which was at 12pm. We got a beautiful and delicious brunch and I got some nice insights about my next project and how I should market myself further. I came at home, wrote down some notes, relaxed and at 7pm again went to my Yoga class. I am a filmmaker/actress  and I could say that very proudly at the meeting.

So what happened internally? Because this all sound so great and productive and you might read this also of ‘successful’ people, going to meetings, having nice brunch, taking yoga classes, working on their project. But I will tell you the real deal, of what really goes in my head, when I do these things.

First I had a bad hair day, didn’t feel good looking, I felt miserable that I still didn’t find an agent, no recent bookings as a lead. I felt horrible, absolutely horrible. And I seriously didn’t want to go. But I pushed myself and still went, regardless of how imperfect I looked, I went. Now at the moment I travel by bus and went to the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel. Because I took the steps and dared to go by myself, suddenly I felt comfortable and I was just myself, the usual persona that I have. I was sitting next to the minister of Finance of Macedonia and the Head of the department of Finance of Paramount Pictures. Very interesting. I was talking to them and the minister of Finance of Macedonia was very friendly. However when I asked a couple of questions, in depth, I guess I asked the secret to their marketing, he didn’t answer. Well, at least I asked. A lot of thoughts came to my mind, of why should they listen to me, I’m so young and don’t have that tremendous amount of ‘experience’. But I stopped myself, hello, I am YOUNG, and we youngsters make the future. So I still talked and told what I’m working on. I had a small hunch that the Head department of Finance of Paramount Pictures, was closely listening to what I was saying, since I gave a big tool. Here’s the thing what I’ve noticed, they did acknowledge me, since they know that we know what works now in the industry.

I have to accept that by giving information, I received confirmation for myself. They were all doing their best and a bit tied up, but the truth of the matter is, that experience and knowledge is nothing, if you don’t put it into action. Yes, I went to big meetings and met big Industry people and gathered more knowledge. It’s fancy to put this all in instagram, but than it’s nothing more than feeding your ego. It really is about the action. However it was a great experience and I’ve learned a lot.

EVERYBODY IS TRYING, from the minister to the server. I mean everybody is trying. Nobody is perfect, but they are at least putting their ideas into action. Their doing it. They might not be perfect, but from practice they will be.

I’m following my gut, my instinct, my impulses it will tell me what the next step will be and  it has been presented to me. I’ve also learned that I really find enjoyment in working for myself, it works for me. It takes work and effort, but the result will be worth it. And OMG, I did feel alone, initially and after the meeting I went back home by myself. It is a bit lonely at the top, however I trust that everything will fall into place. I know why I’m doing this, I’m on a mission. It’s a long term goal, but somehow I trust that it will work out. I just take the steps.

Oh and regarding the agent, I did receive an e-mail in the late afternoon to meet with a Commercial Agent, will see how that goes 😉

Take the steps buddies and Cheers!


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