Hi lovely people,

After so many meetings, I think I finally met an agent who might be reasonable. I really went for what I believed in. And it’s okay, we don’t have to agree on everything. But an opportunity is being presented here. I’m very sleepy, it’s been a long day. Meetings, work and 2 hours ago I had a corepoweryoga class. Afterwards I washed my hair and now I’m ready to fall asleep. I do want to do more research on film festivals, but I’ll do that tomorrow morning.

It does take time and I don’t get ‘it’ right away, only the ‘bad’ things I can get right away. I am not in a desperate mode anymore, so I won’t settle for less. I do would like to say, that I don’t think any agent is perfect, it’s just finding a reasonable person to work with.

Yesterday, I had a great evening with some friends I met at the church. Whatever happens, I know how to ground myself. Staying true to myself is the key, regardless of the current circumstance. Nothing really will change internally, whether I will make ‘it’ or not, have ‘it’ or not, me, myself and I should not change. I entered the world alone and I will die alone.

I am very grateful for my journey and each and everyday I say thanks now, for this life. It’s all about creating. Create, give and you shall receive.

Love you all.

Goodnight and stay blessed.


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