Planting seeds

Good morning early birds,

I woke up at 7am and ate some of the brownie left overs, which was absolutely delicious. While I was eating little drops of heaven I watched some motivational video’s on YouTube. It’s very important that I know what my purpose is and what I would like to do, which is contributing. Being selfless. Now, of course I get tempted into the idea of earning big money in a short period of time. But then I have to remind myself that my happiness lies in contributing and giving as opposed to wanting money, just to show off. Which is all fine in the short term, but it’s not really fulfilling in the long term.

I was supposed to go to a meeting in the evening in Beverly Hills, but that one got canceled. So I have plenty of time to focus on the film festivals, of where I should submit my short film to. And how I could strategically market my short film. I mean there has to be someone who will give me a green light. It’s women’s empowerment and a powerful social message to anyone out there who feels lost. It’s a beautiful experimental film and I really hope I can push this one far.

I will also call my agent today, to give a green light to go ahead and do business with him. Only time will tell if it’s going to work.

I am planting seeds and right now nothing is growing. At least I don’t see anything. However, I cannot just get rid of all the seeds and give up. Because one seed might grow unexpectedly. Of course, if I would look around, I see that everybody’s seeds are growing or they have big trees. But nothing is what it seems. I trust my own pace. After making so many mistakes including focusing on others, feeling envious about them, I really realized that happiness and success comes from within, your heart.

It really doesn’t matter what society says, all it matters it what I think and belief. So I’m planting the seeds and I’ll let you know if I see something growing 😉

Love you all, take care and plant the seeds, it’s worth it!


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