Give and I shall receive

Hi Everyone,

It’s 12.47am and I am working on my profile and editing. While I am doing this, I wanted to share something. When you give, you shall receive. Keep giving. 3 children in need will get a beautiful gift box from me and my sister. I didn’t expect anything back, but God doesn’t rest, he watches me and my actions. And I received a beautiful gift from a very kind friend. I basically got (more) back, than what I’ve put into. That’s so nice and rewarding.

Everything has its own timing. Last week was hectic, I was busy, I had no (relaxing) weekend, but I enjoyed it. This week is going to be the same. Tomorrow I’ve got a 12 hours of a Commercial shooting. From 3pm till 3am. But I like it, I feel alive. And everything falls slowly into place. Slowly I am emerging again.

I feel grateful and blessed for this opportunity of following my dream. I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. I will enjoy this journey and let it all go. We’ll see how it goes. But I won’t forget to live. And give. Because the more I gave, the more I’ve received. That’s what I know for sure and I’ll keep that in mind.

God bless.


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