Feeling vs. Action

Hi dear friends,

I’ve just received a heart touching music video from a friend. Which gave me a flashback, right to the moment, when I forwarded the same music video to a person I really loved, my first love. It took me 3 years to get over that person. I still occasionally miss him. Especially when I have my periods. All the emotions multiplies. Yes, the feeling is there. But it’s still a feeling. Regardless of how I feel, my actions can be different. It’s all about the actions.

I’ve just finished editing my 2nd head shot, still 2 more to go. Then afterwards, I can concentrate on the film festivals again. And I also will take time to clean the house. In between I’m having moments of anxiety, that I will miss out on ‘love’. But I do have a loving sister, loving parents and God. And if God is all I have, than God is all I need.

I have a goal and I cannot hold on to the past. Because, if I will hold on to my past, I will ruin my destiny. And that my friend, I cannot let that happen. I always have to keep that in mind.

I feel gloomy, that doesn’t matter. However, my headshots show a very happy and confident person. My pictures have changed, I’ve gained more confidence. That is because I did let go of the past. I think that I haven’t, but I actually have. Pictures show the soul of a human being. I can see it in my eyes, I have moved on.

I might not feel it, but my actions show, that I have accepted the present and embraced the beautiful opportunities that could come my way. Because I have learned to let go.

Love you all.


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