What do I have to lose?

I met a girl at an event, which was on Monday. She had done a business study. Focusing on Finance. She told me she did it, because her friends said it would be easy and she could immediately get a job.

Now she’s fighting for it, reality is different. It’s in any profession. You have to work for it. While you’re studying and after the study, the work still has to be done. That is if you really want something out of life. It’s 99 percent working and 1 percent luck.

But her true passion was acting. She said she stopped since she was rejected every single time, when she was 13. I asked, how old she was. She was only 23. WOW. That’s very young. Some people start acting when they are 40. And still make it. I looked at her and saw her potential. If she would persevered she could have made it.

It’s not about talent, good looks or anything, it’s about persevering, not stopping, keep going. That’s the law. You will get it, because you’re putting energy into it. I can always do something else. ALWAYS. However, it becomes harder if I postpone my true calling and do something else. Everything right now is at my disposal. Right now, my parents are still some what supporting me. I’m paying my own rent, but they are giving me some extra money. That’s very lovely, but that can change.

I don’t know why I am afraid. What do I have to lose? I can actually make it, if I just persevere. Not listening to the rejection, finding ways to get it, better ways. And if that means that I have to do it myself, than so be it. Why should I fight it?

This is a huge opportunity , to follow my dream. I should feel blessed and thankful for this.

I should, I really should.


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