Good morning productive people,

Today it’s 8th of December and I am challenging myself. Today I won’t complain, I won’t compare and I will only focus on myself. Let me see if I can do it, just for today.

Let the world go ahead, progress faster, get it faster, I’ll do it at my pace. I cannot do the same thing, what all the successful people have done. I can only do what fits me. I can only open doors at the time, what’s opened for me. I cannot, absolutely cannot try to open another door, which is not meant for me. If I do that, I will walk in a loop and won’t get what’s there for me.

I have to start accepting my faith and destiny. I have to start accepting what God has in plan for ME. I have to trust that.

So, if someone has more success to me, or gets it faster, I should be happy for them and let it go.

I checked my hotmail and gmail, I didn’t receive anything fancy, actually I didn’t receive any e-mails. FINE. I accept it. Will I achieve something in 2014, perhaps not, FINE, I’ll accept it.

I’ll just learn everything and leave it all up to time. I’m not going to wait anymore. That is my challenge, to just do and give, without waiting for results.

That is at least for a day, let me see if that works. 😉

Much love


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