The Past

Hi Dear ones,

I talked to my Dad yesterday and I saw my future. He’s was still holding on to the past. The same way I was thinking the past couple of years.

Past and other people are 2 things which are out of my control. Every thought about the past will not create any results. It’s a complete waste of time, thinking about the past. The past is gone. The more I think about things which are not in my control, I feel more out of control.

Why does history repeats itself? Everytime when I talk about the past, my thoughts about the past are in my head, which is now in the present. Which is present, will become the future. If I clean off the past thoughts, it will never repeat it self.

History repeats itself, inside, in our minds. Everytime when I’m repeating my past in my mind, I am creating it.

I can learn from the past, from my past mistakes. But it is of no value, to think about why did that person hurt me, he was so mean etc. It’s about what can I learn from it, so that I won’t get hurt again. It’s about the I. I don’t wan’t to carry on my past. It’s over. I can only learn from it, so that it won’t repeat itself.

I want stillness of the mind. Not wasting my energy. When is it going to happen, How is it going to happen, Will it happen. Those thoughts are all wasting my energy. My mind is naturally stable, but with these thoughts it is fluctuating.

It takes work to understand this, everyday I can start with a fresh day, feeding myself fresh thoughts: ‘I’m going to do my best today, if it works it works, if it doesn’t than it doesn’t. At least I have tried.’

I want to be free, think positively and celebrate life, be in the present. That’s all I have.

Have a very present Merry Christmas. Enjoy it, celebrate it. We only have one life, that’s it.

Love you all.



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