Good afternoon dear ones,

I woke up and did an 18 minute- morning exercise. It opened me up and gave me energy. I realized that I have to do that every morning, since I can say to myself: ‘Whatever happens on this day, I’ll do my best. And if it doesn’t go my way, it is fine. I accept and therefore let go.’

It seems so simple, almost too simple that I often think, I can skip one day. When I skip a day, I am out of balance. I suddenly become again result oriented. The morning mantra is essential for me, since it is reassuring me that it is okay, if it doesn’t go my way, as long as I am doing my best and try, that is good enough.

Also, it is imperative to talk to people who think the same way. Surrounding myself with positive people who understand the deeper meaning of life. The meaning is very simple and that is why ironically for some people challenging to grasp. It used to be difficult for me to understand life, but now I understand it more and more. The present is slowly becoming more exciting than ever. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, I only have this valuable time in the moment. That my friend is the best time ever.

Every thought has it’s own frequency.  I’ve read and heard that so many times, but I didn’t quite understand it, until now. Every time I talked to a certain person, friend, relative member, somehow, I felt that I had to prove something, I am not good enough, I have an unrealistic thinking etc. But when I talked or watched people who were where I want to be, who achieved greater success, they had the same thinking. The more my thoughts are positive and thinking progressively, the more I feel alive. The more I think or talk about a certain person, that person will become my focus of attention and I become less interesting for myself. Because I constantly think the other has it better. In fact, I am therefore depleting my energy.

Like I said before, I have to make my life interesting. It doesn’t matter what the other person, or other people are doing, as long as I’m doing what I want to do. Making my life interesting again, important again, appreciating it, so I make my present and my future secure. Putting energy into myself and into the things that I would like to get, that is the most rewarding think I could do for myself.

The more I put energy into something, the more I get from that. So let me use it wisely. 😉

Work smart, not hard,



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