I want to remember you, the way I want to remember you. How can you think that I will forget you. I cannot, you have showed me love. You were my first love, good or bad, I know that the choices you made was for your own sake. My intentions were the same. But I guess we really connected and fell deeply for eachother.

You are in Europe, I am in USA and you still can hear me, you still hear every heartbeat. We still can feel eachother. I love you so much. I don’t want to ask you to let go, because I don’t want to let you go. However in my actions I did let you go. I had to.

But I want to thank you from the bottem of my heart. On your birthday, which is after 5 months, I will perhaps reach out to you again, to say thanks. Thank you for coming in my life, teaching me a lesson, showing me a mirror, showing me love. I love you. Can’t you just be with me? Can’t the universe make this happen? I guess one step at a time. I also asked to get booked on major commercials and films. That didn’t happen….yet.

Well it’s not over yet, I leave it all up to God. I am taking steps towards my goal, which is the only thing I have control over, my actions.


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