Good morning lovely people,

Waking up in the early morning can be very challenging, OMG. But believe me, once I got out of my bed, didn’t listen to the lazy voice and went for a gratitude walk, that’s where I thanked myself. While I was walking, I was thinking of all the things that I was grateful for and even for all the things that I would like to achieve. As if I already have it.

I can only be grateful if I put it into action and nature helps me with that. Sports is the best teacher in the world. It really shows me that when I focus on my pace and myself, I can get there. The initial step is very hard, but I persevered and it feels great. Going back is always easy.

I understand that the more I want to achieve, the more I earn, the more responsibility I have. But I don’t want to lose myself in all those tasks. I still want to feel grounded and feel appreciative towards life. Therefore I really want to implement the gratitude walk at least twice a week. Just wake up early in the morning, go to Runyon Canyon and hike for 40-60 minutes. Come back and feel energized. Ready for a new day.

My resolution this year is to be fit and build up stamina. I build up slowly, very slowly. And that is fine with me. One step at a time. Only then I can be grateful and I can appreciate myself and life. Focusing on my journey, my life. Because being grateful for what I have, gives me fuel and energy, it takes me out of my selfish mode and puts me into a peaceful and productive mode.

Much love!


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