Good morning dear ones!

It’s a wonderful Sunday and I went hiking at Runyon Canyon. Walking to the top felt great and much easier. It becomes easier and easier. It really trains my body and my mind to persevere and creating positive, encouraging thoughts. I really love working out. I always was a risk taker and a go-getter in life. I knew, that if I want something in life, I have to work for it. My parents gave me a wonderful and luxurious life, we traveled all over the world. Still, I always felt a void somewhere. Now, I know what it was.

I really loved and appreciated my life, but I wanted to create something of my own. I wanted to challenge myself. And I always forget that I have these goals, since I am still looking to other people and other people’s success, because of social media. I do have to say, I’ve cut it down to once a week. When I was in Europe I didn’t use social media and I was only focusing on myself. I really accomplished a lot of things, far more than I have imagined. But I have a lot more to achieve, a lot more that I would like to do and contribute. That is something that I cannot suppress. I really have to do it, it is my destiny. It really is, whether I wanted or not, it is already decided. I have decided and life has decided, there is no turning back. As I go along, I can connect the dots.

I am so happy and proud of myself that I persevered. Because all the people who rejected me, challenged me, hurt me, they really supported me to accomplish my dreams. To come to America, the land of opportunities. God has guided me very well. No matter how many rejections, failures or even applause or compliments are given to me, I know that I always have to work. Even when I am at the top, I cannot just sit back and think I’ve made it, life keeps growing. That’s okay, I all do it on my pace. Yes, I have stopped for a while, because I thought results weren’t coming, but somehow I continued. Better late, than never 😉

Happy Sunday!


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