Morning Glory

Hi my morning glory’s,

It’s a beautiful Thursday, filled with lessons and appreciation for life. I started out by waking up early in the morning, taking a shower, doing some yoga stretching and making a Morning Glory Nutriblast (shake). With avocado, banana, pineapple, flax seeds, lettuce and water. Mmm, it makes me feel good, awake and ready to go.

I am happy to say that life is pushing me again beyond my comfort zone. I am grateful that life is testing me and showing me that there is more to this life.

I am happy that life has shown me that it is better to be healthy alone than being sick together. I have my parents, my sister and most importantly God. That’s more than enough. Having lunch just by by myself, working towards my goal by myself, waking up in the morning by myself is nice, good and makes me independent. I am happy that I am a go-getter in life and I take risks. I love that about me. I love who I am, I love that I can see the positive sides, I love the fact that I see an opportunity in everything. I love my working mentality. I love that I give to people and if I can help them I would be happy to do so.

It is time to get back to myself, it is time to give myself, it is time to love myself, it is time to empower myself, it is time to take charge of my own actions and get what I truly want. Everyday I would like to remind myself that YES, I CAN DO IT. I CAN GET ANYTHING I WANT, AS LONG AS IT IS WITH THE RIGHT INTENTION.

Happy Thursday people!

Life is about moments, don’t wait for them, create them.


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