Live day by day

Hi dear ones!

Happy Sunday, it’s 8th of February, the day my baby sister was born! We’re going to celebrate it another day, since she has a commercial shooting. Anyway cut back to my life right now. I am working on a script, for an audition, which is tomorrow. It’s about a subject that I also will work on this month. A new short film. The other 2 short films are now in the film festival circuit. I received one official selection, more to come. Not giving up, going for more!

There are many things that frustrates me, especially gender equality. I saw some movie trailers and the women was exposed as a weaker person. Or perhaps I perceive myself weaker than the men? Everytime when I am about to go to the next level in a relationship, I put it on hold, that is the only way I can take control. Once I give in…..well I don’t want to give in right now. Not right now. When it’s time, I will. But what I can do is empower women, through my movies. I love men, that’s not the issue, there are plenty of men out there who understands what respect means. But I want more gender equality, in films, boardrooms etc.

However, I should not feed my frustration and talk about it too much. It’s an issue, that can be resolved by taking action, rather than just being mere frustrated. Everything has it’s own time. The sooner I accept it, the better it is. I didn’t get everything I wanted in life. But I sure got what I needed. I got even more and something better.

Imagining of how my life should look like is pointless, since it doesn’t go exactly the way I want. What I truly wanted was love, a partner, someone to be physical with, till date, I didn’t find someone who I can share that kind of equation with. Love is trust, friendship. Without friendship, there is no love.

Keeping all this in mind, I can only live day by day. Do my best everyday. My soul, intuition knows truly what I want to become. I feel the fear and do it anyway. I could have chosen the conventional path, but I didn’t. And slowly I see, the path that I am walking on, is the path everybody wants to walk on. We all feel the fear. All of us, every single one of us. What defines us though is actions, some people follow their intuition, some don’t. The ones who do, they feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s what I have done so far and still am doing. I don’t know what the results might be, I don’t mind, let’s take it day by day. Doing my best and enjoy the little things in life.

Love you all.


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