#Life Lessons

Hi lovely strawberries,

A few life lessons, that I have to keep reminding myself:

-I always worried about my future. Looking back, it turned out fine. I had anxiety then and I still have anxiety now. That is just a feeling and feelings are temporary. The only way it can go, is not feeding it. Not telling people, friends, family, about my worries and anxiety. Not talking about it. Waste of time and at times when I said it, I made it even worse. So when people ask me: ‘So how’s life?’ I say: ‘Great!’ It’s what I always did and soon I believed in it. Life is great.

-There is a lot of calmness in my life. Accept it, embrace it, enjoy it. So when life gives unexpected turbulence, or a lot of things, I can embrace that part again.

-Feeling nothing, no level of excitement. Often I have to push it, I have to push the level of excitement. Or else life goes by quickly, ‘waiting’ for something to happen and nothing really happened. Whenever I created opportunities, pushed myself of thinking life is awesome and great, lot of great things are happening, those were the times, great things did happen. It really is a state of mind.

-Less talking, more doing. ‘Oh, I will do this, I’m going to do this.’ Stop talking. I just have to do it. That’s it.

-‘When I have achieved this, I will do this.’ ‘Once I have gotten that role, than I will work out.’ ‘Once I have a boyfriend, I can just do more spontaneous things.’ ‘Once I have earned a lot of money, I can take care of myself more.’ etc. What if I die tomorrow? No excuses, I can do all of those things right now. Keeping it in balance. Balance enjoyment and work.

-Only time I have is now. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery. I only have this day. That’s it. I can do the best I can everyday. It has brought me from Europe to USA. I must have done something right. Just keep going.

-Focus on myself, on my own journey, own goals. My time will come. Everyone has their own timing. There is a right time, right place, right moment.

Big warm hug!


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