Risk it

Good Morning sweet cupcakes!

Okay, just when I am about to give up, God gives me perspective to hang in there. So I’ll hang in there. I’ll try until I’ve given my all. It’s not wishful thinking, it’s practical, realistic positive thinking. This is a risk, life is a risk, but that’s okay, I’ve chosen for this. Nobody said it would be easy, I’m just doing it. I have to emotionally disconnect myself from the outcome. That my friend is easy to preach, challenging to do. However, I will take up the challenge, since there are no other options 😉 Seriously, I really am walking forward, feeling often pain, but whenever I get to that moment of achievement, it fills me up and gives me so much perspective, courage and love to move on.

So yes, risks have always paid off. Every single event where I risked things, I either gained a lot of wisdom or I gained a lot of wealth. So this is a transition, a transition to something unknown. Let’s see and happy Wednesday!


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