Human beings

Good Morning people!

I just made a fresh ‘Banana-Pineapple-Avocado-Flaxseed Smoothie’. Mmm, it’s delicious and gives me a great morning boost. Before I wanted to write something, I checked the news page at and read that the European population is slowly dying. Wow, here I was concerned about not getting ‘bookings’ or other career things and back in Europe the population is dying out! This is not something that I can brush it off and can go forward with my life pretending that the world is a ‘happy’ place. It can be, of course, but human beings, breathing, existence that is so fragile and I realize it even more, day by day.

Ever since I came from Europe to the USA, to pursue my dream, I realize it even more, that I cannot take my dear ones for granted. Everyday I try to be grateful for what God has given me and I am making amends to improve my relationship with my sister. To not be so goddamn selfish. Because I was. I always thought that when I have my career, I will give her my ‘love’. It would be too late. I am grateful that I realize it now, so I can take the steps right now to change it. She can see that my behavior is changing towards her and she is also giving me love and positive vibes again, like she used to.

Just imagine, if there were no people out there, no healthy competition, nobody to share things with. Then what is the value of my career, money etc. I mean I need people, in a healthy way. To say hi to, to smile to, to laugh with, to share things with. We are human beings. So fragile.

I appreciate you and thank you for being there. Thank you, because of you I exist.

Much love


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