Everybody wants it, only a few gets it.

Good Morning my lovely munchkins,

It’s a beautiful Saturday, I woke up, did my usual stretching and cleaned the bathroom, cooked veggies and now I am here, ready to write a post. After this, I will go to a test show and then we’ll see.

There’s something I’ve learned yesterday, which I knew, but it’s good to remind myself on a daily basis. The one who wants it, who is asking for it, who is talking about it, who thinks that success means fame, will most definitely not get it. I have been there and done that. Right now I am in an action mode. Where I don’t talk about it, with anyone. I even try to decrease the conversation with my loved ones about it. Because the one who gets it, is usually the one who cares less about it, talks about the moment, is positive, talks less and does more, is focused on their own goals.  Yesterday someone said, there are people who will never make it. Several people asked me several questions: ‘ So you’re trying to be an actress? Who’s your agent, is it going well? Do you have work? Did you book principal leading roles? Did you have big roles? Why did you come here?’ Wow, I mean what could I say? These people obviously think that you’re only an ‘actress’, when I am ‘famous’.

It was pointless to prove something to them, there is nothing to prove, if they already have their pre-conceived notion. Because define success. Really define it. Then I met another person, he didn’t ask me anything. I on the contrary asked him. Based on his answer, I again received the secret to life: ‘It’s not about ‘getting’ it, it’s being yourself, doing your work and move on. Not stagnating, keep going. Even when I have achieved where I want to be, I still have to continue and do the work.’ 

The difference between the people who were asking me these questions and that other person? Those people were not the lead in this job, they were background and the other person was the lead. I also was a background. There is a huge difference. Not in the position, but in their thinking, their mentality. Why do most of the people remain where they are and a few rise from the gutter. It’s the way they think. The people who rise beyond their circumstances, they think differently.

Every time someone was making a negative remark, I kept saying, I am blessed to be here. It’s a good life. I am happy what I receive. Big or small roles, background or lead, I am blessed and fortunate to be here. Unlike the country where I came from, In the US, EVERYBODY gets a chance, EVERYBODY. That’s a privilege, a wonderful opportunity. And with this positive thought, positive thinking and go get mentality I’ve made it here. That’s all I ever wanted. If I get more, that’s a bonus. I am spreading positive energy and giving love. Appreciating my parents and my sister. Being kind to her. Because after shooting, doing what I love, I come home and see my sister. I enter into another environment and have fun with her. Laugh it off.

That’s where I balance my life and that is being successful. In order to balance professional and private life. That’s the only way I can continue what I do, with balance. It’s not about just ‘working’, it’s also about enjoying life, regardless of the current circumstances. That is success. Only a few comprehends it and that’s one of the biggest reason, why a few gets it. 😉

Enjoy life, laugh and be in the moment. Talk less, do more!

Happy Saturday!


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