Happiness on Demand

Hi sweet cupcakes!

My small discoveries from this week to put me in a happy mode and fill my life with sunshine:

  • Food. I made myself a homemade dessert: Chocolate dipped-Frozen Banana  It made me very happy. Very proud of the fact that I took the time to make it myself. It was delicious. 😉
  • Self made Smoothie. Before I go hiking or go to work, I make a fresh smoothie delight. Often with banana, blueberries and flaxseeds.
  • My film company is expanding. Slowly but surely. That’s only because of the fact, that I am putting positive energy. I am finding ways to get in. Creating my own things. Puts the control back into my hands. As opposed to waiting for something to happen. I have to make my own things happen. Nobody will do it, until I take the initiative.
  • Pushing myself everyday to greet myself with full enthusiasm. Really, every morning, I do some Yoga, stretch and look at myself in the mirror and put on a happy smile. Like a commercial, saying my name and I say: ‘Welcome to the United States of America. This is LAX.’ Because this is what I’ve heard when I arrived to Los Angeles 3 years ago. I come from one of the smallest country in the world. I came with full enthusiasm. I am still very excited 😉
  • Watching movies, once a week, any kind of movie. Sometimes leave your brains behind kind of movie. I am often surprised how much inspiration I get, from those movies. I like it 🙂
  •  Pushing the excitement level. Sometimes I really have to push it. But really. So I say out loud, at home, before I go to an audition or work: ‘It’s for the win! #FTW’  Honestly it helps, I put my whole body in it, open up my arms and cheer out loud. Because regardless of the results, I make it exciting.
  • Don’t feed negative thoughts or doubts. I keep it now to myself. I have become more  aware.
  • Keeping the focus on myself, will often lead to more innovative ideas.
  • Being kind to my sister. To my mom, to my dad. Giving love. By doing so, I create balance between my personal and professional life.

Don’t wait for things to happen, do it now! It’s in the little things. The way I talk with my family, friends or anyone, is going to influence my work. Now I am putting positive energy out. Soon everybody will catch it. It comes from within. This is the only thing I have control over: ME.


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