Strong Mentality

The fact of the matter is: it doesn’t matter whether you get it or not, it is about creating a mentality. Mentality becomes stronger and stronger. More opportunities will come. Bigger and better. I might hit it or I might lose it. If I lose it, I should still keep going.

Yes, I do feel as I have lost a life time opportunity. The opportunity was perfect, but I have to trust that there is something bigger and better out there. I created opportunities, I created chances, but I wasn’t apparently at my best level. I am preparing myself for it. Acquiring skills and creating a strong mentality. Even the biggest failures or the biggest success won’t get to me, if I create a certain mentality. A mentality of that I have nothing to lose.

Success or failure doesn’t define me. I define myself. I am finding ways to get where I need to be. The ball is still in my court. I haven’t let the game. Regardless of anything, I haven’t left it, I am still in the game, still playing. I have to remember that.

Remember, the game is only over when I say it’s over, but I have just started. I just started playing.


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