One-Month Challenge

Good Morning Smoothies,

I made a fresh shake, with banana’s, blueberries, spring mix and flax seeds, it tastes delicious. I’ll be working on my new One-Month Challenge, from 23th of March till 23th of April. This One-Month Challenge includes taking control of my career as opposed to waiting for things to happen, waiting for an agent to submit me, waiting for that wonderful role. No none of the waiting, but more of the doing, taking actions. This One-Month of Challenge is dedicated to myself, utilizing my full potential, at least that is my attempt.

My goals:

-Get a lot of screenings to promote and screen my (film festival selected) short film
-Get lots of press articles regarding my short film
-Get more film festival selections
-Work on my new short film
-Getting sponsors for my new short film and for my production company
-Gain a lot of audience views for my films and youtube channel, which is about my production company
-Earn money by distributing my film

Note that I did not include, booking gigs, commercials etc. That is now not in my hands, I have an agent now, so that is up to time. But I do have control over my new goals.

Have a great Monday!

Much love


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