The power of taking an hour off

Good Morning Sun Shines,

I always go to Hot Core Power Yoga, in the last week of the month. I would like to do it every week, but I have a strict budget, so this is the best option for me. After a day of working, it is so nice and relaxing to go to a heated room and do Power Yoga. Oh, I encourage everyone to do it. Stretching my body, sweating, working on my body, I felt great afterwards!

Also, that time, it’s completely me time. I am focusing on myself. No phones, no work, no other responsibilities. I felt present and at peace. I usually would feel some kind of anxiety, but this time, I was completely present. I feel energized, my body and my face looks good and healthy. I see perspective, my mind works faster and my soul appreciates me, when I work out.

This is what I work for, for these moments, moments of being present. That’s all I ever wanted. Not thinking about the past, nor the future, just this moment.

Have a beautiful Thursday. Be blessed, stay present!

Ps: Next week it’s Easter! Any plans? I might go to Las Vegas, I’ll let you know 😉


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