Hi sweet cakes,

I had such a lovely dinner today. Mmm, after such a long time, something new and with a delicious flavor. It was Singapore, Malaysian food. Absolutely tasty, especially when I am craving for good food, diversity, I could enjoy it even more.

I wanted to go to Las Vegas with Easter, which means, I have to save up. I still can go. Which means, I cannot spend that much and would eat the same food every day and would not go to this tasty place, which was at the farmer’s market at the Grove. But I learned something from this.

Every time when I plan an event, such as Thanksgiving day, or Easter, or a Birthday and I look forward to it, and am excited for a month, to go to that restaurant, for a special occasion, it was not that special. The food wasn’t nice, or something occurred which was not planned, or my mood was off. Bottom line, It wasn’t the best day. But whenever I go on the spot, with no expectations, I enjoy that moment.

We’ll see what I will do, but for now, I am going to my lovely bed and call it a day. For the first time, I will catch my 8 hours of sleep. It’s because I didn’t use my phone that much today. After work and having a nice dinner, I cleaned my face and brushed my teeth right away, did the dishes, submitted for some auditions and now writing a post.

I wish you a beautiful night, sweet dreams.

Much love


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