I have a Mission

Good Morning lovely sweet chocolates,

I just ate a delicious chocolate doughnut, mmm, yes for breakfast. Amazing. I’ve realized when I let things go and focus on the present, I get what I actually wanted. Because I am not desperate for it. My center is my creation, I will always create, making videos, casting myself in short films, sending it to film festivals, basically creating my own opportunities.

I want to represent a self made person. Everything I got so far is because of myself. All the bookings so far, is because of myself. Initially I thought: ‘Oh, do I have to do everything myself, I have to make myself.’ Now I’m over it, I just do it. Because I have to think about the larger picture. All the rejection I faced, or not being with my ‘first’ love, are all things that fuels me to express myself creatively. I want to say to the world: I’m an example of a self made person, I did it all by myself, it’s the trust in God and perseverance that made me of who I am today.

Everything I am doing is for the bigger picture, so it might seem like a sacrifice at times, or I feel a lot of pain, I mean a lot of pain, but no pain, no gain. I came with nothing and leave this world with ‘nothing’. The only thing I can leave is a positive imprint. I could express myself to the one I love and that person would be here with me, than I might not express it as much in my creative field. I mean, of course there might be someone who can contribute to my creative field, but I will chose it, I will work for it. Right now I am working for my career and when love comes, it comes.

Love is the most important thing in the world, I have loving parents, loving sister and love of God. I want to give love, all the love I have, right now I can only do that through my art. By means of creating content of love in films. Love will shine on my YouTube channel, in my films,  beautiful innocent love, love for the simple things in life, the little things in life. Things that I should not take for granted.

I love life, with all the challenges I might face or am facing, I still love life, because God is still giving me hope.

Much love


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