Good Evening my dear stars,

I have been taught ever since I was young, that anything is possible, anybody can make it. However society, stars, people in magazines, tv claimed that ‘only a few can make it’. So when I would look at interviews, actors and they have a perfect life, perfect relationship, perfect career, I thought that my life was basically not that awesome. I mean my life wasn’t perfect, until I came to Los Angeles.

I cannot tell you how much I love my destiny and God that he brought me to Los Angeles. The bubble is popped and finally everything fell into place. Finally I could see, who those people are and what their real story is. Because the truth will always come out, it might take years, but it will come out. I realize that my life was awesome and still is. It really depend all on mentality.

I am not one of those actors who got it all at once, my story won’t be like that. I often wished that it would be easy, but than I would not have a story. Because I am frustrated when I see actors, ‘celebrities’, talking of how perfect there life is and they are not mentioning their struggles. But some really don’t have it, I used to believe that, but not anymore. Nobody in this world is perfect and everybody is facing some kind of struggle, one way or another. I understand that the conversation should be positive and uplifting, but what about inspiring people? Isn’t that the whole point of being a ‘star’, ‘celebrity’, that you can inspire people? Or is it just showing, how well I am doing, how good and mighty I am, how well things are going for me? I don’t remember Johnny Depp talking about his struggle and he is still a well respected artist. So I might be wrong. But I want to come out there and say it. Yes, focusing on the positive things in life, but it did not come easy. Rihanna, Oprah and people like Will Smith, those people were also talking about their struggles, they gave me hope, anybody can make it.

I have been here for 3 years and I am not the same person, the bubble has popped, regarding career, success and relationships. It is not true that they have a perfect life, those who are claiming that everything is going well, all the time. NO. I’ve been living in Europe for 22 years and I was deceived. I was deceived, but I never gave up on my dream. Destiny didn’t let me give up, God didn’t give up on me.

It really is over, you cannot deceive me anymore. I know what it takes, it takes tremendous amount of work to be at the top. And those who got it fast, paid a price or went down hills very fast. I know, I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it.

I am starting over again, I am a nobody and will become a somebody, we will see. WE WILL SEE


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