Ladies Night

Good Evening my wonderful chocolates,

I just ate my second chocolate doughnut, which I should have left for tomorrow. I mean it was delicious, but it was too much. I’ve got a headache now. Oops. Imagine if I wouldn’thave a strict budget, I would buy too much food, overeat and feel Nauseous! Which I had, initially I could buy as much as I wanted. But everything happens for a reason. Anyway besides my headache, me and my sister watched Bridget Jonea Diary 2.

It was a nice movie, until I ate too much, sorry! I got the Saturday off, treated myself, I went to the Grove and ate Brazilian Food, which was absolutely delicious!

I checked facebook and whatsapp, boring, my ‘real’ life, is more exciting, looking at a scream, cracking jokes virtually doesn’t work for me anymore. I rather read a nice book, which I will do in a bit.

First I am gonna wash my face, remove the make up, brush my teeth and relax. Plus I am listening to some Jazz Music. That’s my ladies night.

Goodnight and don’t eat too much sweets in the evening like me, Less is more. 😉


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