For the love of chocolate

Hi dear chocolates,

I just realised something very crucial; there are certain things in this life, which are not in my control. I was worrying a lot, until a friend came to visit us and he’s living his life. Eventhough unfortunately his mother passed away, he still has perseverance. He still keeps going in life and is enjoying his life. I mean why worry, when God is all I have, than God is all I need.

Today I bought a chocolate bar, which was delicious.

It’s Sunday, April 12th. STOP worrying, live my life. I don’t feel like working today. I did my groceries, I did the laundry, I ate my dinner and chocolate, helped a friend. Now what? Don’t feel like it, don'”t have the energy for it. I wasted my energy by talking too much, dreaming too big, but didn’t really achieve anything today. I ehouldn’t think about the result, nor dream about it. Because the one who doesn’t care always gets it, the one who cares too much loses.

So,  I don’t care, we’ll see what happens. I have to scheduele hiking. I love hiking, chocolate and love, love for life its self!!

We’ll see what happens, let it go and have an awesome evening!


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