The secret to Success

Good Morning my beautiful friends,

Okay, so after trial and errors, I am one step closer. If I missed 99 times, than I know 99 ways of what not to do. Which only increases my success rate. Now I am aware of it. It’s basic probability. If someone hits the ball right, it means that I also had a chance of hitting the ball right.

Now, the secret lies not in the fact that when I hit, it was in my ‘destiny’. No, when I hit the ball right, it means that I’ve trained a lot, I have already tried a lot and I am still very enthusiastic every time I hit it. I made my own destiny. Because if I just hit, without any preparation, the chances of hitting the ball right will be very low. Still there is a chance, but extremely low and I am not going to bet on it, like a wild beast.

I got invited for a Major Commercial and have to do the usual assignments. With trial and errors and observing I’ve learned that after I’ve prepared for the look, exercised, warmed myself up, I have to let go. I do it by having perspective in life, that whether I will get it or not, I still will enjoy life with my sister and we will watch a nice movie. Now in that way, I made it less stressful, calmed my mind and I can be free.It’s not in answering the questions right, it’s lifting the words up, which I can only do if something inside of me is energizing me. I’ve had a nice weekend, enjoyed my time with my sister, so that energy was made and transmitted. Regardless of what I say or not, it is energy, which can be positive by having fun, exercising, letting go, laughing, playing, dancing, listening to music etc. Numerous of things 😉

But there is also one element, which I realized, that there is a time for everything. Now the fact that I will get it or not, has now not to do anymore with talent, it only has to do with being consistent and persistent. If I still go to the auditions, making films, submitting to film festivals, I learn from it and do it better each time, than I will hit the ball right. My chances are now higher.

Now that I realize it, I will stay on deck, with everything. I keep going, until I have it, because it is possible. I always think if someone got it ‘faster’ than me, achieved the things that I wanted to achieve, I thought I stand no chance. I might as well give up. But let me tell you something my friend, the fact that someone gets something, doesn’t mean that I have to have the same thing, or I will get the same thing. I might get something better, I just have to believe that. The past have shown me that everytime someone got it ‘faster’, I started panicking, but in the end I might have been the last one who finally achieved it, but my performance was 10 times better or I couldn’t even compare it. I hit the home run.

Thus, I can’t be jealous, or feel anxious. I have to keep going, because it’s basic probability. Don’t talk about the results, forget about it, don’t talk about the process, watch positive videos. I used to watch funny video’s, funny interviews, because at the end, that’s what I want, to be happy from the inside, which will shine through from the outside.

Much love


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