Being Grateful

Palm Springs Good Evening my beautiful friends, for a while I was competing again, but I have recomposed myself. I took this picture when I was in Palm Springs, looking at this picture, it gives me a lot of peace. There is more to this world. My focus is on content driven films, creating characters where anybody can relate to. What I yearn for is indeed rear, but I have to follow my bliss, my purpose.

When I compare, I forget the beautiful blessings in my life and focus on other ones ‘success’. So let me focus on my blessings, things to be grateful for:

  • I have a loving mom and dad, they are my biggest support
  • I have a loving sister, who always have my back
  • I have a fit body and I am healthy
  • I can eat delicious food and have a sweet, cut apartment
  • I came from Europe to Hollywood, thus I live in the Entertainment capital of the world
  • At a very young age I knew what I wanted, which gives me drive and purpose
  • I learn everyday
  • I am able to create everyday
  • I got to travel all over the world at a young age and it keeps me grounded and open minded
  • I can speak 5 languages, woohoo!
  • I can sleep peacefully

Also, since 2 days, I am taking 5 minutes of time to meditate and list a couple of things of what I am grateful for. It is food for thoughts and it helps! Because problems are there, but there is always a solution for it. I do it my way. Slowly, but surely.

Please share your list of what you’re grateful for and leave a comment on this post. Would love to read it!

Much love


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