Success formula is working

Hi my beautiful amigos,

A few posts ago I wrote the secret to success and a month ago I wrote my strategy to get to my goal. I still had lots of anxiety and doubt about my strategy, but I kept going. Simply because I had no other option.

Today I can safely say that I see glimpses of victory in the strategy I have chosen. By all means never fall astray and just simply give up on your strategy, just because someone else is succeeding with a different strategy. I have tried many ways, but my true essence lies in contributing and delivering content driven films. is my destiny to create films and act in it.

I won an award for the message of my film and received a contract from a distributor to showcase it on a big online platform. I don’t want to reveal the name yet, until it is officially announced. But I will share it with you all!

The contract and the award didn’t magically fall into my lap. I worked for it, I went after it, I e-mailed the distributor many times with new articles regarding my film, new videos, really showing the company that my film can reach a wide audience. And at last the company was convinced.

Trust me, it is not talent or luck, everytime I succeeded in something, it’s because I went after it. The content doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as I am driven and work with humanity, kindness and integrity, I’m fine.

BTW, I really at some point let go of the result, I was willing to put my shortfilm on my own Youtube Channel. I can only do my best and let go.

So I’ll keep you updated, on my next post I’ll specifically right the elements of the success formula, that worked and is working for me 😉

Much love


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