Life’s little gifts

Hi Dear Sweet Pearls,

You can choose to live life in agony and wait for things to happen or you can take risks and make choices to live life to the fullest.

I was fed up with waiting for fun and exciting things to happen, I can make it exciting. On Sunday I went to Power Yoga, on Tuesday I took a Bollywood dance class, then yesterday I received a tweet of one of my prince charming, he is a host and I always am happy to see him hosting and love his personality. I thought when will it be my time, that I can encounter such energetic people. I saw him and that thought crossed my mind. Then within 3 days, suddenly I saw a reply on one of my tweets from him! I was so happy, I screamed out loud, yes! And the building instructors and people around me, got my energy and started cheering as well. They didn’t even know what happened, but my energy elevated every one I saw that day. That was a gift indeed.

I am doing my best in this life and understand that I have to wait for certain things, because things takes time, but I can get there and it is in my destiny. But in between, I can make myself happy and live life! I did it and then it will come.

I also went to a restaurant, especially for the hamburgers, to treat myself. But they refused and said: ‘No, it’s our policy, we can’t serve it at this time, only on lunch time’. I know my rights, as I’ve traveled my whole life and have been to infinite amount of hotels. I basically said, it’s a simple hamburger and they should serve it, what will you do about room service if someone orders? I kept hustling and at the end the manager came up and said fine. They saw we enjoyed and gave us even free deserts! Which was delicious.

So life’s little gifts is only granted, when I take the action, when I start the engine. That’s how easy it is. Me smiling, my laughing, me dancing first, then the rest will come.

Enjoy life, don’t wait for it, create it!


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