‘Things don’t make people happy, people make people happy

I tried to find you and keep you in my heart, but so far no person made me happy. Yes I got a lot of things, but hmmm on the second thought people can make people happy. Not with things but with LOVE.

I saw this video and I felt so sorry for this little girl, she’s alone on this journey and she makes the most out of a given moment. She took her moment:

God it makes me cry. Will I always be alone? I know I have to make myself happy, if I can give love, I can receive it.

I just have to accept this fact, accept and let go. I was that little girl, it reminds of my youth. I discovered things on my own. I wanted to indulge in every moment. Every single moment, because we only have one life. Just one. I can’t go back, I can only go forward.

With love


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