By doing the imposssible, makes the simplest thing even not possible

Hi Sweety pies,

I really want to share this piece of knowledge. I know nothing is impossible, but some things are actually not possible, such as changing someone, you cannot break iron with hands. I cannot. I try to adapt and adapt and adapt. I wanted it as much as I could breath, but it was tormenting everything else. To chose that person, it would mean giving up everything else. It’s not my destiny and by wanting basically this impossible thing, living in this illusion, I couldn’t even do the simplest thing.

How could the simplest thing have become impossible to me? Unbelievable, but it did. The quality of giving, hosting I already had it, but by doing the impossible, I got pain and that became my personality.

Now I don’t think things for granted and accept the gift that God has given me, accept my destiny and I pray.

It all start with wanting to change. After that I worked for it. Because we don’t get what we want, we get what we work for.

I don’t want to admit it, but I can see the magnificent result of letting go of that relationship. But it’s never the end. I cannot be friends with that person now, but perhaps in the future. It does give hope, but it was important to follow my dreams, follow myself, love myself first.

I can have everything, I mean everything in this world is accessible to me, but that doesn’t mean that everything is good for me. In my mind it is, but I have to be honest to myself. I am contributing even more to the society, doing everything I love. It’s a constant effort, but it’s okay, now I am mastering the rules of life. I am applying it everyday. It’s like brushing your teeth, I have to do it. Praying, meditation, that comes first, everything else is secondary. I came with nothing and will leave with nothing.

Life has definitely become easier now, by letting go of the impossible. Much easier. My happiness is in my control. I chose to let things affect me or not. And by doing yoga, meditating, writing, creating, I am giving and being present, which are all under my control. And then suddenly I get some rewards from life, unexpected, that’s nice, but I cannot wait for it. When it comes to me in any form, it feels absolutely great, but it’s a moments. Moments come and go.

Just keep it simple, simplicity is everything.


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