I finally broke the ceiling. After rejection after rejection, fail after fail, I finally broke at least more than an inch of the ceiling. People I am telling you, it was challenging and almost everyday I wanted to quit and give up. Almost every single day I wanted to go home. I NEVER thought that I actually would figure it out.

After looking back now I see how much I have done and that I created my own success. I cannot believe this, but I am earning now. But I always did, however it wasn’t visible. I had victories, but hidden victories. Victories that I couldn’t show the world. For quite some time I had hidden victories, victories of my own. Slowly, but surely it’s becoming visible and I got a reward for it. I cannot take this too lightly. I trust that I will be given something huge, I know that, because I have the trust. I have gained trust. After dealing with so many setbacks, moments that I couldn’t find light at the end of the tunnel, after dealing with self hate, dealing with thoughts of ending my life, I finally got through it, even more, beyond my imagination.

NEVER EVER give up. Because anything is possible in this life, ANYTHING. I have chosen the path of self love and after dealing with these setbacks for so long, now I have gained an impeccable amount of trust. Yes, because I trust, that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Both of my parents are still with me, alive, I have a wonderful caring sister, my loving family, I still got all of my senses and I can stay here in the entertainment capitol of the world and pursue my dream.

But I let go ALL of that go and lived my life, day by day, moment by moment, I enjoyed each moment. I thought this is what I have not and will see what happens. I always did my best and enjoyed. I am happy that I got what I wanted when I didn’t care, when I least care about it. Because honestly, I didn’t care about anything other than the fact of having harmony with my family. I didn’t get the best yet, because I have to be humble, always be humble. I can flip things around, from no one to someone. I know I can, because I put the trust on GOD.

I prayed and things changed, my destination became GOD, not a tool. Everything else is secondary. I promised myself that I would get close to myself. And I am. Nothing else matters, just being in harmony with myself and GOD. I can conquer anything because I have GOD by my sight. Yes life can be challenging, it still is, but I trust that GOD has a master plan for me, beyond my imagination. I am just following his footsteps. That’s all I am doing. God you’re guiding me, I trust you, because I will jump when you say it. I did it 3.5 years ago, I jumped, and things are somehow working out the way it should be. I took risks, big risks and it paid of.

If you risk nothing, you will risk everything


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