Simplify life

It’s all about simplifying life. Just like maths, I have to simplify the most ‘complicated’ formulas. However I never saw the formulas as complicated. I actually loved solving it. Because ones I knew how to simplify it, I could apply it to every formula and that was great. I applied it to my life and it definitely has made my life easier.

When people say things cannot be done, or it’s impossible, or difficult, they either say it because they can’t do it themselves or they don’t want me to get it. Because in this life, anything is possible.

It’s simple, take risks, especially when someone tells me it cannot be done. Oh yes, it CAN be done.

ENJOY life, MAKE time for it. Because I work to live, not the other way around. And if it’s a risk to take day off, no worries, I have done it before and I will continue to do so, because being a risk taker has paid off. Making time for myself, enjoying life, has paid off. I am earning, a reward has been given. Again perhaps not in the public eye, but hey, I can pay my rent, I earned it within 7 hours, just doing my job, my profession, acting, it finally paid off. But it only paid off, because I made a life, I have a life.

I exercise, do Yoga, Pray, Meditate. An absolute must. I meditate every morning. And I do hot power yoga, at least twice a month, now thankfully I can do it every Wednesday.

It’s not about feelings, it’s about knowing what’s good for me. Like exercising, it might be exhausting, or painful but eventually I am building strength and it gives me energy.

It sounds simple, it is simple. It’s a trick of the mind. It’s a mentality. Life is simple. That’s a mentality. I’ve habituated to it. And now it is. I believe that Anything is possible, so it is. I belief that things are easy, so it is.


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