Health is Wealth

I’ve seen that if I neglect humanity, neglect health, there is no happiness. Of course money is important, but now that finally money is coming, I cannot even wear certain clothes, I cannot even eat everything. And I’ve got the money! I mean this is outrageous.

I’ve been living in a toxic environment without even knowing. My apartment has mold, which you cannot see with the bare eye. It’s somewhat visible, carpet and rest room, but it’s covered with paint. Health inspection will come and hopefully I can find a new apartment asap. Health is absolutely important.

I do power yoga every Wednesday, I always am happy after that and my skin becomes clear, no itching. Little did I know that toxic was going out of my body which is in my apartment.

I can ask myself, why my apartment, why me? But I actually don’t dare, because I’ve got other blessings in life. I will do my best to change my current circumstance and still keep a smile. I don’t want to let this affect me. Although it did physically a bit. But I will still fight it. Go jogging more, if not everyday. Wake up early, go to bed early.

My stomach hurts as well. Oeff, I hope it will resolve. It has to.


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