I woke up today at 8am. I went for a walk. Because of the mold issue I went to Roosevelt hotel first to utilize the rest room. And then I went for a walk. It’s like a holiday, 5 star hotels, great weather, great walk, sunshine, what a life!

Yes, once I found myself it’s easy to be in the moment. However, some people can be rude because of their own issues At the supermarket there was a cashier who was lately moody. 1 year ago she was quite nice and happy. But she is now irrated. Anyway I have to learn that just because I’m happy doesn’t mean other’s are.

But I don’t have to ruin my mood, I can stay calm and kind. It’s all about being kind! I should have remained kind. I should have said: ‘It’s okay honey, have a nice day’!

So no one can take away my shine. It’s all in my control! All in my control, happiness. And the rest I let go, love life! This is my dream!


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