How to increase Stamina?

It’s Thursday, 25th of June, basically a whole day off. Doing nothing. Walked in the morning, called my mother and now 6.23pm going to watch inside out.

Around 3pm, I learned 2 dance steps and I was done. Damn, my stamina is low. My mind wants to do it, but my body is saying no. But I want to! I really have to force myself. I used to be a dancer, my stamina was great. So I know I can do it, but I haven’t utilized my body in that way for 3 years! I have to do it, my body is craving for it!

Anyway, I might as well go all the way, and do a guilty pleasure, watching a movie, yeah!!

I will take the time to learn the dance steps, I have to, I want to and I have to force my body. Because it feels so good to dance.

If you have any tips on increasing stamina, please share!

Thank you and enjoy this Thursday!


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