Good evening my sweet doughnuts,

Oef, I’m stuffed. I had a whole chocolate doughnut after Core Power Yoga. Damn, I’m stuffed. Too much! I should have just eaten half of it.

Power Yoga was nice. Men, I shouldn’t have eaten the doughnut. I am just way too stuffed. Anyway, after power yoga, I feel so released. There is a lot of things going on. I am confused, but I just pray to God that I will have clarity.

I hope to wake up early tomorrow. I will in 45 minutes. I will sleep early. There is just a lot going on. Things are absolutely not in my control and is not going the way I want to.

However, this new apartment is so nice! Oh my God, I want this. I just hope I am able to win the case and have this apartment for the same price. I mean, I hope everything will work out fine.

Everyday I just want to give up. Every single day. But every single day, I find something to still try it one more time. Wow, what a serenity, quietness. I now can really enjoy this silence. I just realize that nothing is really ‘mine’ and nothing is really ever under my control. I mean, just when I thought I had things under control, other things started to appear.

However I think I can connect  the dots in the long run. For now, I can only do my best and see where this journey takes me. I mean I try to take charge, I really do and I see it works bit by bit. But it’s a constant effort. Constant effort on a day to day basis. The key is to balance it.

Just ate 2 pieces of pineapple. I feel much better! Anyway, I hope I get some clarity, I need it!

Love you all, I really hope my short film could be online. I signed a contract, but I don’t know what’s taking them so long. We’ll see. I can only do my best.


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