This is the life!

Good Evening my minions,

This is the life, this is exactly what I what I wanted in life. If I persevere, life will unfold itself in beautiful ways. In the morning I went to farmer’s market and after that I went swimming. While I was at the pool this is what I was thinking:

‘I am now relaxing at the swimming pool and we got ice cream lolli pops as a gift, mmm frozen banana dipped in chocolate, delicious! When I focus on my life only, I am very happy and content. It doesn’t matter what position everybody is, I know what I am doing. I’m glad I’m me, this life suits me, this is what I wanted. Let others be, may they be blessed. I trust, I have trust in God that everything will work out and is working out. I trust, I have rest in my body. It’s okay, if others are first, eventually the last one will be the first 😉  Always is, always will be!

It’s basic probability, my chances are getting higher. It’s the worth the wait, since the result will be magnificent. If I want it know, the result will be small, if I wait, it can be bigger. Patience is a virtue.’

I deserve rest and relaxation. All is well. Everything will fall into place.

Have a great evening, rest well, make it count, love you!

God bless.


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