Beautiful Nigh

Good evening my special music,

After a lot of hectic and victories, going to the Hollywood Bowl was a perfect get away. It was beautiful and awesome. The composer was Dudamel, it was so serene, so much calmness, the sky was clear, I could see some stars. So exquisite. A Chinese lady played the piano so elegantly. With such ease and effortlessly, that you easily think that anybody can do it.

Yes anybody can do it, but what defines us is the amount of patience, willpower, perseverance and faith we have. And that she had, patience, the result is magnificant, so beautiful, so captivating. I am in Awe.

I had a beautiful life in Europe I had everything and I still have everything. Problems will come, but there is always a solution for it.

Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses. 😉 Work is still there, but these moments, you have to grasp them. It was a beautiful night, perfect timing, absolutely perfect.

We walked back home, beautiful, thank you! It always work out, the result is not in my hand, I do my best and God will do the rest!

With love! Xxx


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