Treat Myself

Hi Sweethearts,

It is so important to treat myself. This Operah night at the Hollywood Bowl was a treat. It makes life lighter. It really does. I live for these moments. I work to live my life not the other way around. And classical music has always been my favorite genre to filter my thoughts, clean my head.

I make time to do my laundry, clean my house, now I make sure that I have the balance of work and home. My private and professional life is seperate, that’s the key to longevity and success. First God, then taking care of myself, eating healthy and eating well, having fun. Having a weekend and then full speed ahead during the week. But having 2 or at least one day off, completely is important. No social media for a day or week, being present, it all makes me a happy person. Working out, dancing, going out, spending quality time with my sister, makes my life fulfilling.

These simple things are the jewels of my life.

My life, I am unique and I’ve learned to appreciate and love myself. I’ve learned it over time.


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