You’re always in my heart

Yes it is true, I’ve become a better person after letting you go. Yes it is true, that I am able to achieve everything else, everything that I wanted is getting closer to me, after letting you go. After letting you go, I’ve learned how to love myself again.

But not one day goes by that I am not thinking of you. You’re part of me, you’re in my hart. You fuel me. I have learned a lot from you, the good, the bad, the ugly, but most importantly I’ve learned about love. Love is driving me always.

I got everything what I wanted, always had and still have it. I appreciate everything. I love you and I hope you know that. I haven’t forgotten about you, please make no mistake that I have forgotten about you or that I don’t care about you. I CARE about you, that’s why I had to let you go. But I loved every bit of you, every beautiful thing, your hug, your gentle touch. I love you and always will.

I keep going until to the point I will have you again, maybe in another form, but we will come back again. I will do my best. Somehow, touch your heart again.

I love you always. And I feel loved, very loved. This apartment is giving me lots of love. I love you and thank you. Thank you for everything.

Lots of love and a big warm hug, love you xxx


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