Forgive myself

I hope I can forgive myself and make it right and make it up to myself. I’m very hard on myself, extremely and I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have feed my thoughts. Yes, I made a mistake of not saying anything, not listening to myself, but at the end, I am the one who is in front of the camera, that is me. Not the stylist, make up artist but me.

I haven’t committed a crime, I didn’t murder someone and I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. I have to allow myself of making this mistake. I am so sorry, so sorry that Iallowed the   mistake to happen. That I allowed that to myself. I won’t do that anymore, not EVER, I will NEVER do that to myself again. I won’t.

I learned from it. I learned it BIG time. I am sorry I didn’t value myself, I am sorry neglected myself for so long. I am so sorry my angel, I’m so sorry.

i won’t neglect myself anymore, I am a valuable human being, I am and from now on I will be my own BEST friend, my own guardian angel. I deserve goodness, I am kind and nice and all the beautiful things that are given to me is a blessing, thank you.

have a good night and tomorrow I will swim this all off and it will be a new FRESH DAY,


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